Thursday, May 12, 2011

Final Goodbye

In our last lab we played parashute games. The Monstars were once again the special projects group so we floated around from group to group helping out with games. The kids really loved the parashute games, sometimes a little to much. It was sometimes difficult to control the kids because all they wanted to do was to play with the parashute and be under it. Once we got them undercontrol and relaxed they listened very well and took direction from us well. I used the parashute with all age groups and they all equally had a blast with it. At the end of the lab, instead of singing a song and doing a cheer, we all got in a circle and did a dance move that everyone had to mimic. This was a lot of fun to see what everyone could come up with. In being one of the last people in the circle to show a dance move, it was hard to think of one to do becasue everyone had used up all the moves I know. But I was quick on my feet and thought of one that no one had yet and it was a success. The dancing was inspired by our inclass dance 'Move Your Body' which we will perform infront of the camera. I'm definately looking forward to that moment! Since our labs at St. Mary's are all over and I reflect back on the experience, I know that this will make me more prepared for what is instore for me in the future and it will definately make me a better teacher.

Worst Moment in Movement

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter time at St. Mary's

For lab 5, the Monstars were the special projects group. We started by cleaning the closets and rearranged all the equipment to make eveything more organized. Since we were special projects our activities didn't come until the last twenty minutes of the day. My activity was singing a song for the whole gym. For my song I created my own version of 'Peter Cotton Tail'. I can't sing at all but it seemed to be fun for everyone. I had a lot of fun doing the song for everyone and I even heard kids singing the song as we were leaving. That made me feel good becasue it showed me that they enjoyed the song and had a good time with it which was my main objective.