Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Capturing St. Mary's

Today, lab at St. Mary's was a very fun and sucessful one. My group was with the older kids and we started the day by playing board games with them down stairs in the cafeteria. I played checkers with one kid who was really good and beat me both times we played. Once we got upstairs in the gym it got a little crazy. Our group had problems with trying to figure out who was going to go first and by the time we got situated the kids were already out playing their own games with their friends. Once we got them gathered up Will and I lead games using the scooters. The kids went nuts for the scooters. When it was my turn to go we played capture the flag on the scooters. I thought it went very well and it seemed like the kids were enjoying my game. The tough thing about trying to teach and explain things in the gym is all the other distractions and the noise level from everyone else. I felt like I had good control and command of my kids and my game ran smoothe. I definately felt a lot more comfortable this time around compared to the first lab. Overall, I thought it was a pretty sucessful lab day.

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